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The leader’s narrative that unleashed the country’s full potential.

We helped build then-presidential candidate Joko Widodo’s strategic narrative to showcase his leadership as the frontrunner of the people, empowering the people to work hard to unleash the country’s full potential. Our main marketing strategy was to increase the number of young voters to vote for Jokowi, by raising awareness and voters’ understanding of Jokowi-JK’s programs.

During the 2014 presidential election, we conducted thousands of data-driven experiments to optimize Jokowi’s strategic narrative, campaign messaging, and visual storytelling on Facebook page, website and other digital assets.

presidential campaign process
The campaign resulted in an election win and our asset, Jokowi’s Facebook page, became the fastest-growing political Facebook in the history of Facebook marketing ever by the end of the 2014 election.
campaign result like

Jokowi’s official page received 4.5 million likes within 100 days and become ‘The Fastest Growing Political Page in The History of Facebook’.

campaign result 80m voters

The page reached roughly 80 million voters from the campaign.

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